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How can we best guide your visit to our website?

We are stoked that you are here!


No really. We know that websites are digital and all, but there is an actual human from our team that was notified that a visitor (that's you) has dropped by our website. Truth be told, they are excitedly waiting to see if you'll say hello. 

Team Tandem is comprised of REAL humans who are passionate about contributing their individual talent to the collaborative process. We are a team of go-getters, do-ers, and subject matter experts that all work together to bring powerful results to the table.


While several of the team members have won various awards and accolades, it is this team's passion for YOUR vision and success that will impress you most. 

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Our team is led by

Chris and Elizabeth Mead

He's a little east-coast and she's all country. Together they are the quintessential power couple; committed to catalyzing the growth and success of their team, clients, and community. 

Chris covers strategies from the four walls in (operations, team, training etc.)  and Elizabeth covers the four walls out (brand, messaging, client experience, toolset etc.).


Their combined expertise gives us the ability to truly get into the trenches with our clients to provide strategic, custom-tailored support based on the client's needs. 

We guide our Client's to

Effective Strategies

A strategic voice of reason is a powerful asset to have when you are growing an organization. We take the time to ensure the proper foundations are set to honor the big picture vision. This gives our client's the clarity they need to properly focus and navigate their next steps.

Transparency and communication are key to our approach. It is our mission to equip and train our clients along the way so that they are empowered to manage it as they see fit; without feeling handcuffed to a vendor...and that includes us. 

Our team is available if a client is in need of temporary or long term collaboration to support the implementation, management and maintenance of their strategy. In essence, we become an extension of their team and work in the trenches of their day-to-day operations, as delegated. 

The highest compliment we receive is confirmation that we provided the clarity and support that catalyzed forward momentum, effective solutions and growth for our clients. 

Here a few soundbites from recent testimonials
"Can't say enough good things about Tandem. They have helped take our brand over the past couple years from your basic Husband and Wife team, to a seven figure a year business."
"We joined Tandem Collaborative for a 3 day Power Session focused on creating clarity within our organizational structure and strategies for future growth. However, we achieved so much more."
"The tandem team will help take your business to the next level and they'll help you understand what that next level can be. Having a clear direction of success in your business is super important and the tandem team will help you get there. Our experience with them was outstanding."
"I love these guys! They have amazing strategic marketing brains that see the whole picture at once. They do not provide "one-size-fits-all" advice, rather tailored advice that fit my individual idea and goals. Good people with a great business!"

That brings us to


Because we are a boutique strategy consultancy that generally likes to stay behind the curtain, we know you didn't reach our website by accident. Either you've seen our work or you've met someone who has. Powerful results are the ripple-effect of powerful communities...so...if have been referred to us, we already know we want to meet you! If the feeling is mutual, we have simple solution to that: A FREE Consultation. No pressure. No sales gimmicks. Just real people meeting other real people to determine if there is a win-win fit. 

You can book online using the button below or send an email our team and we'll be in touch.  

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