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Hey there.
We're Chris & Elizabeth Mead; the co-founders of Tandem Collaborative. Together we've built a powerful team of strategists, designers, developers, and writers. We have clients all over the world spanning from right here, in our hometown of Phoenix, AZ all the way to Kenya. Our passion is simple: your vision brought to life
Chris is an east-coast businessman with a track record of building top performing teams; while Elizabeth is a creative country girl who has over a decade of being "the OZ" behind powerful brands and their growthOur blended experience gives us the ability to take a holistic view of your organization; from the four walls IN and the four walls OUT. 
Our team is known for being the voice of reason in complex initiatives. We've got a long track record of tackling the "impossible" and building forward momentum towards our client's vision.

One foot in front of the other.

Whether it's through our in-depth training or by doing it for you as your extended team, we get you from here to there.  We guide our clients step-by-strategic-step to their goals, while also teaching them which tools to keep in their back pocket and when to use them.
It all starts with a reality check: 
Where are you NOW?
Where do you want to be NEXT?
What's been stopping you from getting there? Are you set up for the journey ahead?
We're a relationship-based strategic consultancy which means we offer a limited number of spots on our client roster. If you believe you'd benefit from a real-life, human team of go-getters, let's chat. We offer a complimentary, no obligation, no sales pitch conversation.