Welcome! Mind if I shoot straight?

Friend, I've played on the frontline teams of innovation for over two decades (think Fortune 100/500 companies, movie franchises, government, and the 4th largest mega-church in the U.S.  #random).  Here's what I know, thanks to those experiences: no one cares about your vision more than you do (though if you are part of our community, we will strive to be a close second). 

Building a business is hard work. It's demanding, confusing, and disheartening. There are days (or even entire seasons) of questioning your sanity. 


You'll screw it up.

Someone will betray you.

Someone will blame you.

You'll feel alone; not good enough.

It will get heavy, and you'll feel like you are doing all the work. 


You will feel ill-equipped to handle a situation and blindsided by someone else's choices that are now rippling into your already stressful day. 

And then there will be the deafening noise of the world (and, let's be honest, "experts") in your ear who will pile on a ginormous list of "you should's" to your overflowing plate. You didn't go to school for web design or marketing...so you have to trust them, right? Right

Decision fatigue.

Crisis fatigue.

Plot twist fatigue.....and it's only Monday. 😩

Welcome to the plight of EVERY business leader on the planet...even the successful ones...ESPECIALLY the successful ones.

There is a secret to building a successful business, and it's NOT being on TikTok or having a million views on your VLOG. Very successful companies were able to get to the top of their mountain without the gimmicks and shallow, soul-sucking busy work that today's digital world has handcuffed us to. 

How did they do it?

Creative Problem Solving. 

Like a muscle, your creative problem-solving brain (aka innovation brain) will strengthen with every rep of "how do we approach this" you invest in answering. Do that enough times, and you'll have built a successful business. 

...and THAT is where the team at Tandem Collaborative comes in. We are your brainstorming friends. Your business mastermind.


Our sessions are an opportunity to solve the problem in front of you creatively. We provide the space and support for you to cultivate growth opportunities. And guess what? You'll come out of the session feeling fueled and feeling that spark of joy that got you started in your business in the first place. 

That's it. That's what we offer. Creative Problem Solving Sessions for the true leader proactively seeking to grow from here

If that sounds like a refreshing answer to prayer,

choose from the three next-step opportunities below. 

Remember - don't fear the work in progress. We are pages filled with stops and starts, scratch-outs, tentative lines, and eraser dust. We are projects we will never indeed finish. But then again...it was never about the final piece, was it? It has always been about the mess and journey it took to make it.


Keep going. I'm rooting for you. 

- Elizabeth Mead

CEO of Tandem Collaborative, Wife, Mother,
Imperfect Human and a perpetual student of life.
Strategy without tactics is the slowest