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It's like learning to fish...while fishing. 

Advisory Retainer

Similar to our Hands-on Coaching Retainer, AND with MORE. Our Hands-On Coaching Model helps leaders learn practical application of strategy - while simultaneously applying to their business. We've combined that process with guiding leaders through the 3M Process, which stands for Measure, Modify and Manage. Through this process, we will be an extra set of eyes monitoring KPIs and ROIs of your strategy. 


Starting with your goals of the session, we bring up to two of our Team Tandem members to the zoom call to help you learn and build. Each session is 90-minutes and is recorded so you can refer back to it anytime. 

Monthly Retainer includes: 

  • (1) Snapshot Evaluation (annually)

  • (1) 90-minute 3M Meeting (Track Results & Future Planning) (monthly)

  • (2) 90-minute sessions each month (via Zoom) (monthly) 

  • Digital space to organize session homework

  • Archive of recorded sessions

  • Unlimited text & email support

  • Invitations to our exclusive member-only events and retreats

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Mathew 4:19

"From the accountability to keep moving forward, to the tangible support around marketing, strategy and branding, to the intangible benefit of feeling like I have my own personal team who ‘gets’ me and why I do what I do, I cannot recommend them highly enough."


Kelli Gotthardt

Founder & Executive Director of DeepWell Sustainable Leadership 

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