Growth  through learning is a practice we participate in as speakers, teachers and students. 

Our mentor can often be heard saying "there are two choices: growth or decay...and you get to choose." That is why sharing knowledge and masterminding is a core value of our team. At any given moment, one of us is either teaching a class or taking a class. In 2019 we set out to take our LIVE workshops (traditionally held in coffee shops) to a digital platform. This was so that anyone, anywhere could on-demand any of our trainings....and any time. 

Chris & Elizabeth Mead are also sought after speakers and trainers. If that is something you are looking to learn more about for your organization or next event,  let us know

In light of COVID-10, we've suspended our in-person gatherings and moved everything online. We are also participating in a variety of webinar events for other organizations. See you on the screen! 

On-Demand Courses

On-Demand Strategy Evaluation | Launches May 20,  2020

DIY Social Strategy | Launches June 15, 2020

DIY Online School Strategy | Launches July 15, 2020

Recent & Upcoming Keynote Events

January 2020 | Elizabeth Mead | Young Entrepreneur LIVE Workshop by Back to Health of Anthem

May 2020 | Elizabeth Mead | Your Virtual Practice by 8 Weeks to Wellness®

June 2020 | Maddie Adams | Insecure by Creative Mornings

July 2020 | Chris Mead | Underdog by Creative Mornings

Training & Events

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