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Virtual or In-Person

You've got questions.
Together we will handcraft the answers for your business.

Our creative problem-solving sessions are designed to create forward momentum. Whether you are coming to the session feeling stuck or just so excited to discover the first steps toward a new idea, we guarantee acceleration by the end of the session. 

Here's the gist of our legendary sessions: 

  • Choose between virtual and in-person 

  • Sessions range from 90-minutes to 3-Days

  • You choose the focus based on your current needs

  • Come to the session clear about what you want to achieve

  • Bring all decision-makers to your session 

  • Be ready to take action!

  • Keep the momentum going by completing your homework

  • Receive unlimited text and email support from our team in-between sessions


Working with the team at Tandem Collaborative has been the difference-maker for me. From the very first meeting, they have engaged with curiosity, authenticity and competence. They have been responsive, encouraging, and have gently pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am a faith-based nonprofit start up and I have a very limited budget.


Every dollar I have spent with Tandem has been worth it. From the accountability to keep moving forward, to the tangible support around marketing, strategy and branding, to the intangible benefit of feeling like I have my own personal team who ‘gets’ me and why I do what I do, I cannot recommend them highly enough. The team at Tandem has a share in every woman I impact, every success story, every win. I would never do this without them!


Kelli Gotthardt

DeepWell Sustainable Leadership 

Choose from 3 Types of Sessions