Client Spotlight- La Perla Sports Cantina

When the team asked me who I chose for the client of the month  it took  me less than a second to blurt out "La Perla Sports Cantina!" My passion for this collaboration is deep and the answer to the question was a no-brainer.

We've had the honor of working with the new owners of La Perla for a few months now. What I enjoy about working with them is the unique opportunity to blend legacy with a fresh start.

The La Perla brand has been a Glendale icon since 1946. However, they unfortunately closed in 2016, leaving a void in the Glendale community. Our clients came along to revive it.  This is not always an easy path. When you have a brand that has decades of memories behind it, the transition to someone new can be polarizing. Some will feel it can never be what it was...others won't want it to be what it was. Navigating that as a business owner requires a high degree of patience, integrity and wisdom. 

As I sit here, being spoiled by sizzling hot fajitas and my new favorite margarita (it has pineapple and jalapenos peeps...YUM!) I can't help but admire the dedication that the La Perla Sports Cantina pours into their community. I am excited for the new menu we are crafting together and the events that we are continuing to create so that the Glendale community can have a place to connect. A new foundational website provides a clear window into what is happening and it features real photos of real people enjoying their neighborhood sports cantina. 

I am INSPIRED by the new owner's commitment to revive a beloved brand and being brave enough to put their own spin on the next seven decades. So, this month, I share with you a peek at their story so that you can be inspired too. Also, I highly suggest you stop by and get the fajitas and a margarita. AS you enjoy them, consider the heart that is going into providing that space for you to connect with the community. 

-Elizabeth Mead- Head Unicorn

La Perla Sports Cantina 5723 W Glendale Ave Glendale, AZ 85301

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