Client Spotlight: Back to Health of Anthem

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Brian Hester many moons ago at a BNI Networking event. At that time, I was a Partner at Anamorphics, inc. and Dr. Hester was considering our team for a re-brand project. That is neither here nor there. Don't get me wrong....that re-brand project continues to be one of my faves. However, the real magic in this long-term collaboration is in the friendship which now involves our spouses and business partners. Similar to how Chris came into my life, Desiree joined Dr. Hester on the journey and it is clear that God handpicked her. She is a bold, bright business woman who has brought even more life and light into the Back to Health brand. When time blesses us with an opportunity, the four of us can be found on a patio eating great food, drinking wine and dreaming out loud. 

The starting point of this journey was a successful chiropractic office that had a vision of something much larger. Like, 20 TIMES larger! As a result, we've had over five years of milestones together, such as: 

A new name to support the vision

A new brand

My new company

Their new 20,000 square foot facility

Some really awesome Italian food at mind blowing good

New collateral and websites....and a FREE Yoga offering added to the strategy

Mutual depression when Sassi announced they were closing

Two Weddings...though not at the same time. ;-)

...the list goes on. The point is, not only has journey yielded results, we have ALSO simply WALKED TOGETHER on this path. Being a part of Dr. Hester and Desiree's life proves a point to me, and I offer it to you as you look at your own tribe.  Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel - energies are contagious. I believe in my heart of hearts that Chris and I's ability to build what we are building is because we are in the space of like-minded people who are creating a context...a ripple effect...of possibility, excellence and perseverance. Dr. Hester and Desiree walk the walk. They pour their heart into their community and they offer their talent in a way that LITERALLY saves lives. I highly recommend you explore all the ways that Back to Health of Anthem serves this community, and beyond. 

The reason why we chose this incredible organization as our focus of the month is simple: you will be better for knowing them. We are. 



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