Step 1: Breathe

Here we are. Uncharted waters. 2020 started five minutes ago. Things were going well. Momentum was building. we don't know. We are in a sea of circumstances beyond our control. Everyday we are being fire hosed with new information, polarizing conversation and uncertainty.

The subject of all fear. The topic that's literally closing doors. It's the punchline of all the memes and the caption of most photos.

As leaders, it's our responsibility to cut through all of that noise and navigate a course forward. That's a tall order in a world that is simultaneously saying "this is no big deal" while closing schools, sports, cities, and countries. In a world that says "this is a big deal" while releasing statistics on how it's not a big deal. Add into the mix the decisions around how our business will respond. How we will continue to support our clients and our teams and THAT'S the swirl that is distracting many of us.

So, what do we do? What is the first step? What’s the second step?

Well friend, before we do anything, we get to pause... see we have been sitting in this swirl that has spun us in circles for the last several days (and weeks). A swirl that likely has many of us contradicting ourselves in the same hour. One-minute we’re thinking "I don’t need to worry about this"and in the next minute we are thinking "I'm worried". If you just take a step right out of the swirl you might not step in the right direction.

It's as if we were on a clear path, walking towards our vision, and a tornado showed up. The tornado has twisted us around with endless spinning and swirling and twirling. Do you remember twirling? More importantly, do you remember what it felt like when you stopped twirling? It's disorienting and dizzy. We don’t know which way is up, down, sideways, left or right. If you try to step the second you stop swirling, what happens? fall or at the very least look silly as you think you are walking straight, but really not. That's why the very first step we take when coming out of a swirl (literal or proverbial) is to pause. Reorient ourselves to where we are. We find our path again and we get our eyes back on which direction is "forward".

That's why we encourage you to breath right now - before you do anything else. THEN, you can take steps and make decisions that are in alignment with our bigger vision.

So your first step is to pause….and BREATHE. Reorient yourself to where your vision was and continues to be...before you take any steps.

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