Step 2: Separate the tools from the vision.

Once you have taken Step 1...(which as a reminder is the process of stopping and breathing so that you can re-orient yourself on what forward even means for your business)... the NEXT step is to separate your vision from tools.

When we get to moments in life where we are getting squeezed, swirled and challenged it’s important to remember the ultimate "why". THAT needs to remain intact through the storm. The tools? Not so much.

Let me give you an illustration of what I mean. We all know what Coca-Cola is. Take a moment and think about all the details you know about Coca-Cola. What's the vision vs. what are the tools? Is the soda the vision or the tool? What about the container that it's delivered in? How about it being on the shelves at grocery stores vs. being in vending machines?

Their vision is to sell soda. Period. Whether it's in a can, mini-can, glass bottle, on a shelf or in a vending machine...doesn't change the fact that they are selling soda. The can and the bottle are simply tools and if you do a quick Google search, you can see how they changed over the years. It has shifted because climate and circumstances dictated that they needed a different approach...and THAT is exactly what many of us are facing right now.

What we are facing right now is an opportunity to remember what our vision is. Then, look at what the climate is and decide, do I have the right delivery tools for this climate? For many of us, the answer is no; especially in a season where we are being asked to stay home and we’re being asked to work remotely. For some that is a tough order because their business highly depends on in-person interaction...or so we think.

What if you COULD still deliver, even in the circumstance of quarantines?

Separating out the vision from the tools opens the possibilities and creates flexibility. Failure to seperate them, does the opposite. For example, if you think the Coca-Cola can is the only way it can be delivered, then you’re going to be inflexible when somebody comes and says, “how about we put a bottle in a vending machine”. Right now there is going to be a lot of new tools, new strategies and new ways to deliver that are going to come to you and if you are closed minded to those opportunities you are going to struggle in this season.

So, step two is: separate the vision from the tools. Take some of this downtime to reacquaint yourself with your vision and the ultimate why. If you find yourself mixing it up with tools, put the tools on a separate list.

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