Step 3: Keep the vision. Re-tool as needed.

Now that you have separated the vision from the tools here’s the opportunity that you have next. Keep your vision. Repeat after me: My vision gets to remain intact during this season.

What CAN change, I the tools. Let's illustrate this using current events. We have got schools that are closing or pausing all over the country, in fact it’s probably pretty safe to say that all schools around the country have shifted gears. Now, "the vision" is delivering a quality education to our kids. That vision HASN'T changed because of COVID-19. What HAS changed are the tools-sets being leveraged to deliver that education. We are hearing things like “distance learning” or “online learning”. Those are just tools and quite frankly they have been around for a long time. We just haven't considered them like this until now.

As you look at your vision and tools that you have diligently separated, you can now go "okay, now that I know what my vision is what’s one way that I can deliver it? What’s another way that I can deliver it?" Start exploring different tools. For many of us there have been tools in our mind that we just haven’t had the time to explore. Silver lining, we now have time to explore. What are some of those tools?

I am going to suggest that every industry has this opportunity. Some will take it. Some will give up before they even start. Before restaurants were asked by the government to close dining rooms, Dominos Pizza sent out a brilliant. They said, “We’re still here, we’re still delivering, and we are offering no contact delivery, here’s how we can do that.” This was spun up in a short amount of time. I guarantee you that this idea of a "no contact delivery" is not something that was on their monthly team meeting to discuss. However, in response to this challenge, it became a creative solution opportunity because they were willing to separate out the vision and the tools and re-tool as needed. They kept their vision which is delivering pizza and feeding people. What they changed is how they were going to do it. That is exactly the opportunity that we all have right now.

For some of us that means we get to figure out what virtual delivery looks like. For others that might mean getting comfortable enough with technology to host our meeting virtually for the very first time. For others that means spinning up that online school you have been thinking or talking about. Maybe it’s time for you to put together that mobile app. Maybe it’s time for you to get involved with live Facebook feeds. There are a million different tools out there that can support you where you’re at in this challenging time.

So, keep your vision and re-tool as needed.

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