Step 4: Lean on Masterminds

We have given you 3 great steps to get started so that you can re-center and re-focus. Here is the next step and it is equally important to all the others. It's to lean on Masterminds. We may have limited contact right now in live settings, we may be being asked to not gather in large groups publicly. That does not limit our capability of gathering in conversations.

Masterminds are an incredible way for leaders to connect and talk through the challenges they are going through. It also minimizes the risks that occur when we try to do everything along. I am not saying you can’t accomplish things on your own, because we absolutely can. I will tell you that it will be a slower and a more flawed process alone than if you would just take the time to connect with other people and talk to them about what your challenges are and discuss possible solutions. Be open to their feedback and ideas around solutions. Then allow them to hold you capable of forward movement. Masterminds are a great way for us to have the accountability and the brainstorming capacity to get things done especially with the urgency we have now.

So, step 4 is pull together your Mastermind. That could be one other person or that could be a team of people. The number of people doesn’t matter as long as there is more than just you. In your Mastermind what you want to:

  • Discuss your vision. How you have been delivering your vision up until this point? What are the challenges you are facing with delivering it now that COVID-19 has hit?

  • Discuss possible solutions. Allow for the conversation to open up. Actually allow your brain to explore the things that are placed on the table. You might find yourself resistant to some of the tools because they are outside of your comfort zone. This new tool set doesn’t mean it is permanent, it is just a means to get us through this season. Whether or not it is a full time or part time commitment to you is not something you have to decide right now. A Mastermind group can help you with that. In fact, I would highly encourage you in that Mastermind group to be honest about the things you might resist on or cut corners on because of your resistance. For example, if you know that you absolutely hate technology and you might be resistant to technology solutions but you know right now that is the only way you can potentially deliver to your face-to-face clients, tell your Mastermind that. Ask them to hold you responsible for pushing past that resistance.

Lean on a Mastermind, and with the time we have right now you have the time to create those connections. Schedule it as soon as possible, open it up to people you trust and respect and see what happens.

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