Step 5: Set the context for your community

The final step in getting started with creating forward movement in the midst of COVID-19 is to commit to setting your own context and allowing that to have a ripple effect in your community. Now most of us have all been to the grocery store and seen the empty shelves. If you haven’t stepped foot in a grocery store, then you have seen it on the news or in a photo on social media. Fear is rippling through our world right now and, in some ways, it’s understandable. That said, we are leaders and as leaders we have the responsibility to set the tone. I’m not suggesting that we can’t be scared. I’m not suggesting that we can’t have nervousness around this. I am suggesting that we can have hope. We can have focus, commitment, determination, perseverance and persistence. Those are contexts that we can step into on the daily to help ourselves, our teams, our clients and our communities. By helping them I mean….context is contagious. If I go through a drive-thru and the person on the other end is full of joy, happiness and smiling, there’s a good chance I am going to find myself full of happiness and smiling as well. If I go to my team and I am full of doubt and fear and feeling small then the chances are they are going to do the same thing.

So as we navigate this situation over the next several weeks and we navigate bringing our business through this it’s important that we set a context that is going to serve us and serve our communities. We can either choose to sit down right now or we can stay in motion. We can take the next 2 weeks and binge watch Netflix and think about how our bank accounts are going lower and wondering how we are going to survive it or we can spend the next 2 weeks in reflection and taking steps to continue moving forward toward our vision because at the end of the day our visions haven’t changed. The circumstances around us have changed. Our visions are still there, and we can still put them dead center in front of us and start stepping toward them in a context of “this is going to be okay”.

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