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Time to talk Coronavirus

Oh my goodness this topic is EVERYWHERE. As small business owners, Chris & I are required to lead our tribe through this chapter in our world. The pressure of formulating an opinion and response to this pandemic is overwhelming. If we don't act with urgency, we are socially irresponsible. If we act with concern, we are part of the "hype and hysteria". Sounds like a losing battle to me.

The noise ringing loudly through social channels is enough to make me want to put my computer in storage and take up basketweaving.

Like politics, I prefer to keep my virus-opinions to myself. But alas, we've chosen to be leaders in this world and as leaders, we get to participate in the conversation. So for those of you who are super curious about where we stand...here it is...

We are in "business as usual mode" from the comfort of our homes. Yesterday, after reading, researching and discussing it as a team we opted for the "better safe than sorry" route. We sanitized the office, locked it up and sent everyone home to work remotely. The logic was relatively simple for us:

Option 1:

Let our team work from home, hopefully with enough toilet paper stocked up, while we continue to evaluate the situation. Risk: it's all hype and we look silly.

Option 2:

Ask our team to continue traveling and being active in the community. Risk: it's not all hype and someone gets sick...and we lose business days while they recover.

We've chosen option 1. The risk seems like a better business decision that is in alignment with our dedication to our clients...AND now we don't have to be in public being distracted by everyone who wants to belabor the conversation.

No matter where you stand on this situation (hype or legit crisis), we understand and respect the feelings you are having as very real and authentic to you. It is times like these where the illusion of control cracks and we are reminded to entrust all situations to prayer. At Tandem, we have made the best decision we can for our team and families using the information we have. Now that the decision is made, it's time to re-focus on what our clients' count on us for: getting it done.

Stay safe and healthy out there! - The Meads & Team Tandem

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