Top 20 Social Media Tools in 2021

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We tend to lump all web and mobile communication platforms under the heading “social media,” even though many are not technically social. For example, Pinterest functions more like a search engine, while WeChat is a texting platform. At Tandem, we think of social media as digital tools for human-to-human connection. Here are the top 20 social media tools of today and the number of active users for each.

Facebook (2.32 billion)

Everyone knows this now huge conglomerate founded by Harvard College students in 2004. It’s so huge that both Instagram and WhatsApp (see below) are now subsidiaries of Facebook. The key to success with Facebook, like many other platforms, is deciding how you want to use it, whether to keep in touch with people you know personally, hosting private groups, or reaching a mass market with public pages and ads.

YouTube (1.9 billion)

YouTube is the platform to use if you want to share videos. It’s ideal for education and the arts, as well as sports — anything that fares better with video over text or still photography content. Start with Facebook and YouTube if you’re trying to mass-market goods or services,