Understanding the Four Walls of Business

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

An analogy we use often around here at Tandem is understanding four walls of your business. If you take a look at a standard brick and mortar building, the walls are what defines the inside from the outside. Pretty simple.

Everything from the four walls out, is how your customer experiences you before they’ve even purchased from you, or maybe even interacted with you. It’s what gets the customers in the door. Everything from the four walls in, is what keeps them there and makes them come back. Let’s take a look at a pizza restaurant as an example (and I promise we’ll get to why this is important to identify and understand in your own business.) Mr. Pepperoni--his actual name--has a great idea for a new pizza joint. He knows the recipes he wants to use, the color and decor he wants to paint inside, and even the staff he wants to hire.

The idea for the restaurant is all he knows and he’s got a pretty good handle inside the 4 walls. But he has no clue how to get the word out about his new restaurant, how to design a website that makes people want to come, or how to make himself known in his community as THE pizza place to go to on Friday nights.

He need help for outside the four walls.

So why is understanding this important for your business?

First, it identifies your needs. If you’ve got a business bursting at the seams with new customers, but can’t seem to keep them around for repeat business, you’ve got a need. But if you just focus on more advertising or new customer specials, you’re addressing the wrong wound. No amount of Facebook ads will matter if your clients are unhappy while they’re there.

Second, it identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Have you ever said something like, “I can never take a day off because the business just doesn’t perform as well when I’m not here.” It’s super common for business owners to feel that way. But, it can be a HUGE red flag that there’s been too much emphasis on everything from the four walls in. There wasn’t a balance so that things are set up for success.

At Tandem, we’ve got experts at both. Chris handles everything from the four walls in and Elizabeth runs with everything from the four walls out. Because we’re set up that way, we can handle anything you throw our way. And believe me, we’ve seen it all.

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