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Our online training center gives support to those who like to DIY. Whether you're a designer, marketing professional, or entrepreneur - there are courses designed specifically for you to conquer your next strategy. 


Similar to our online training center, we guide you through the next steps to take. The difference is this is 100% focused on YOUR business and conducted through live, "team"-on-one sessions. You, your coach, and the relevant talent from our team meet routinely. We call these "hands on coaching" sessions because you'll do more than chat...you'll actually use your sessions, and the extra sets of hands, to apply what you're learning directly to your business...in real time. 


These consecutive day strategy sessions are hyper-focused solutions for massive forward momentum. They're designed to break the cycle of getting-ready-to-get-ready to simply GET.IT.DONE. Choose from our 5-Day, which offers strategic focus on one major area or our 10-Day, which can focus on up to three areas. We also offer customized 15-Day+ plans for more complex initiatives. 


Here is a sample of things we've accomplished for our clients during Power Sessions: 

  • New Brand including: Logo, Sub-logo, Color Pallet, Fonts, Authentic Vision & Context, Branding Guide (delivered in a 5-Day)

  • New Business Foundation Set including: Branding Kit, Lifecycle Funnel and Website with SEO (delivered in a 10-Day)

  • Initiative Strategy Set including: Executive Summary, Defined KPIs, Team Charter, 24-Months of Milestones, Fundraising Strategy, Key Messaging (delivered in a 15-Day)

  • Social Strategy +30 Day Kickoff including: A social strategy, posting guide, custom branded posting templates and the first 30-days of posts for kickoff (delivered in a 5-Day) 


Team Tandem has the ability to be an extension to other organizations. Because we're dedicated to the win-win, these spots are limited and reserved for those that we know we can collaborate effectively with. These all-inclusive retainers allow us to become your full-time strategy team and provide a full department of talent including a CMO, CSO, Designers, Developers, Writers, Social Community Managers, and more! You receive the strategy + the execution in one powerful relationship. 

To find out if we have an opening on the roster and how we could be your full-time-team, schedule a free consultation. 

Win a Strategy Session

with the Meads!

Sit down to explore, create, strategize, and MAKE MOVEMENT in a one-on-one session with Tandem's Founders.

Valued at $995

Had the pleasure of meeting/working with Elizabeth for the past 3 years. Very talented with attention to detail. Helped set our vision and strategy for our office to take it from generating 500k in sales to over a million. Always strives to do whats best for the client and overall you won't find a more awesome person in life or to work with. Can't say enough good things about Elizabeth......

Brian Hester