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Always move with a


A strategy is simply a clear roadmap that gets you from point A (here) to point B (your goals). 


In today's busy, noisy, world it is easy to get lost in one-off, spaghetti throwing tactics. The trick is to adopt a strategic approach to EVERYTHING you do - big or small. 

Our Strategy Consulting Memberships gives you the insight and accountability you need to stay on track. Similar to our Trench Coaching™ , these membership dig even deeper into your day-to-day actions. Team Tandem becomes an extension of your team, providing a voice of reason and expert sherpa for the journey ahead. 

This partnership provides powerful forward momentum and results.   

Our Strategy Consulting Memberships Provide: 

  • Stewardship of Your Funnel

  • Monthly Goal Setting

  • Monthly Trench Coaching™ 

  • Unlimited Text & Email Support

  • And more!

Perk: As a Strategy Consulting Member you receive exclusive discounts on Creative Support Services. 

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Creating Advocates

Your Vision + Foundations + Funnel = 

Your Strategy

What prospecting strategies are you currently using to introduce yourself to your target market?
What conversion tactics are you leveraging to move someone from "unknown" to "known" in your database?

   The Four Questions    

What steps are you taking to engage your customers?
How are you equipping advocates to talk about you and invite others to know you?

Which one do you struggle the most with?

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