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"Working with Tandem in their power session model propelled my business forward! In 5-Days we went from ideation to a successful launch! This is the team to partner with when you are ready to MOVE FORWARD!"


Napkin Sketches are our jam.
We specialize in a unique process that we call "Power Sessions". These sessions strategically focus on an area of your business to move it forward...quickly. They are designed to break the cycle of getting-ready-to-get-ready to simply GET IT DONE. 

Recent Sessions Produced: 

  • Enhancements to Web Strategy including: three new service pages with additional functionality to allow for online booking and ticket sales (delivered in a 5-Day)

    New Brand including: Logo, Sub-logo, Color Pallet, Fonts, Authentic Vision & Context, Branding Guide (delivered in a 5-Day)

  • New Business Foundation Set including: Branding Kit, Lifecycle Funnel and Website with SEO (delivered in a 10-Day)

  • Initiative Strategy Set including: Executive Summary, Defined KPIs, Team Charter, 24-Months of Milestones, Fundraising Strategy, Key Messaging (delivered in a 15-Day)

  • Social Strategy +30 Day Kickoff including: A social strategy, posting guide, custom branded posting templates and the first 30-days of posts for kickoff (delivered in a 5-Day) 

Results are delivered one of two ways: 
(you pick)
Team Work
Which best describes you
Are you looking to DIY?  We teach you how to fish...during a fishing session. We call this "consultative coaching" or "hands-on coaching". Whatever you call it, it means that you will be learning AND applying at the same time. 
Need an extra set of hands to get it done? Our team will jump into the trenches and take the workload off your shoulders. Think of it as delegation to your team of experts...because that's EXACTLY what this is.  
...and it is all delivered by a team of passionate creatives & strategists. 
#homegrown #handmade
Team Tandem is comprised of local talent where each person is contributing their unique expertise to the dialogue. Led by husband-and-wife team, Chris & Elizabeth Mead, they are constantly pushing the envelope of possibility thinking. 
While several of the team members have won various awards and accolades (including a couple Emmy's) it is this team's passion for YOUR vision and success that will impress you most.'ve read this far. We are just as curious about you as you are about us. How about we set up a zero-pressure chat?