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Dr. Brian & Desire from Back to Health of Anthem had a vision to bring their community a gift: an opportunity to learn strategies for success. Our hope is that we delivered that on their behalf to you. If you are open to it, please send some love back to Dr. Brian & Des. Maybe a note or a review or special treat. 

We so enjoyed getting to share space for a few hours with like-minded people. In our experience, the best success is cultivated in collaborative communities. It was an honor to be invited into your journeys. 

Here are a collection of resources and opportunities for you to explore.


Keep moving forward and remember: growth or decay. 


Hugs & Slugs, 

Elizabeth, Chris & Team Tandem 

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We hear the analogy all the time...but I feel like this visual says it best.
As you "survive" today in your entrepreneurial journey, envision tomorrow.
The crawl you are doing today, is preparing the flight of your vision. 
- EM

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